Ana & Luisel

We’ve had two young girls drop dead from anorexia in the past few months. These are just the girls who are in the spotlight because were models.

Below are pictures of Luisel and Ana. Luisel’s heart stopped. Ana’s kidney’s malfunctioned.

Luisel was 22. Ana was 21. They had their whole damn life ahead of them.


I wonder how many girls are in treatment centers right now, parents praying for their lives, while they secretly starve themselves by sucking liquid from their feeding tubes? It doesn’t get any uglier that this.

I spend a lot of time thinking about what is going to change this skinny trend. If you know please tell me.

Death isn’t going to do it. Anorexics don’t fear death. They fear life.

I wonder what I would be thinking if I was 16 right now, flipping through fashion magazines and seeing these images.


Actually, the message is quite clear. Start starving yourself. Our girls are bombarded with these deadly images day in and day out, don’t fool yourself into thinking they are not affected by the media.

Take a look at these stats, and please do your best to be a solid role model to the girls in your life;

The fear of being fat is so overwhelming that young girls have indicated in surveys that they are more afraid of becoming fat than they are of cancer, nuclear war or losing their parents.

The annual death rate associated with anorexia is more than 12 times higher than the annual death rate due to all other causes combined for females between 15 and 24 years old.

8% of women suffer from either anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa.

Eating disorders are now the third most common chronic illness in adolescent girls.

The death rate associated with anorexia nervosa alone is more than 12 times higher than the overall death rate among young women in the general population.

While the most common age of onset is between 14 and 25 years of age, eating disorders occur in a wide range of ages, and are increasingly seen in children as young as 10.

It is estimated that 3% of women will be affected by eating disorders in their lifetime.

81% of 10-year-olds restrict eating (diet). At least 46% of 9-year-olds restricted eating.

52% of girls begin dieting before age 14.

71% of adolescent girls want to be thinner despite only a small proportion being over a healthy weight.

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13 Responses to Ana & Luisel

  1. Shauna says:

    Anorectics do fear death..I know because I did. I was terrified all. All the time.

  2. BEL says:

    the picture on the left in photoshopped. it is an example of thinspiration – the type created by pro-anas not the type found in mags – though plenty are. i have been on pro ana sites that openly admit they are photoshopped and aspire to them regardless.

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  4. lena says:

    I know how it feels to want to be thin, and to want to get to the top, the only way we are going to see change in this behavoir id fi the industry changes! there was a show real girls all size 10 not under, i think if your not naturly skiny or size sero. then to drop so low is a dangous take.
    if you reallly want to be a model then there is lots of agencies like ford models that willbe intrested in all sizes! its ashame that the celebrity world says if your the slimest you get the job. theses people are inspirations to many girls! i didnt no what a diet was untill about 1 year ago and im 17 now i want my kids to feel beatuifull and to never know that dieting exists!
    eat heathy exercise lots! and youll fell amazing.

  5. 123 says:

    As a 22 y/o male with Ano, I’m not sure what to say. I understand the conciquences, but like someone said, ‘We don’t fear death, only life.’ Maybe that’s true but the messege is clear. Think before you act people.
    I don’t know, but maybe someday that will be me. It’s not what I want, It’s what I feel right. But the clinic only made it worse, and look at me-too embarassed to actually put a first name in the title. Truely, I am ashamed I am this. This failure.

    But God loves you and always remember. I’m 22, 107lbs, 5’8″ height. You may say nice, I say huge. It’s how we live, but don’t take my word. I’m as sick as a psycho.

  6. Kim says:

    ‘123’, you say ‘We don’t fear death, only life.’ but that’s not true to all… each night i could feel myself slowly slipping away and it terrified me – to scared to sleep incase i didn’t wake up. Obviously not enough for me to do anything about it but if that was enough then ana wouldnt be such a problem I suppose.

    The thing that I find saddest (and incredibly annoying) is that some people actually emmulate the behaviour because they WANT an ED – that, to me, is the most annoying thing in the world. It’s not a game, it’s not glamorous… but those who dont have a clue about the true effects – who only want attention – just dont seem to understand this. I hate it.

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  10. Noah James says:

    A close friend of mine died of a Heart Attack, his heart condition is caused by him being so obese..-;

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