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In my last post Ana & Mia, I posted a declaration statement I found on one of the pro-anorexia sites called the “Ana Creed.” In response, I received a heart-felt message from the creed’s original author, Kirsti, who informed me she wrote the creed during her recovery from anorexia.

Kristi, does not condone pro-ana sites as she states on her site;

Note: I wrote this creed about six years ago. And when I wrote it, I was already mostly over the attitudes described. I no longer feel this way about myself or my life or food. However, I think that it does give a very accurate depiction of the depths of self hatred felt by many people with an eating disorder.

I’ve also recently found out that this creed has been adopted by a number of “Pro anorexia” sites, without any attribution or copyright information. If you find such a site, please let me know: I do not condone a pro anorexia attitude nor is this creed intended to express such. I wrote it in order to give other people an understanding into the feelings and thoughts that underlie an eating disorder. I have no affiliations or links with any of the pro-ana sites out there, nor do I recommend this creed as a way of living, even though, in the midst of anorexic starvation, it can seem like the only way to be.

I don’t necessarily think it is a bad thing Kristi’s Ana Creed is being grabbed by pro-ana’s and posted to their site. Instead, I suggest we face reality and think about why girls are relating to it and gravitating to its words of self hatred. At least the pro-ana’s are putting themselves out there to be found and hopefully saved by someone they love. I don’t believe anyone truly wants to live in the state of anorexia. It is hell. They know its hell and they aren’t kidding anyone by their posts of righteousness and camaraderie.

I compare this pro-ana movement to the drug scene. Parents who bury their head in the sand and pretend their kids are not doing drugs, or experimenting at school, are kidding themselves. Parents who think, its just a phase, are absorbed in their own beliefs.

Anorexia and bulimia is not a phase.

Once you have an eating disorder you will always have it. It will always haunt you somewhere in your memories, poking its head out to remind you of what you once were and reminding you that you are welcome back at anytime.

Mothers don’t turn away from this. Your daughters are facing beauty and body image issues right now, and if you aren’t their role model, who is going to be? My bet – Lindsay and Nicole.


If you are someone struggling with an ugly eating disorder and you need help, reach out to someone you can trust. Reach out to me. I will point you in the right direction so you can get on the right path and start enjoying your life, your body, and your self. There is a different life out there, you just don’t see it right now.

Get started on a new path today. Your life is now.


National Eating Disorder Association

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  1. Lynn says:

    Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brtighened my day!

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