Ana & Mia

Ana & Mia are the new stars of Thin Nation. Don’t know them? You are in for a rude awakening.

They are the talk of the underground web world, providing solace, comfort and acceptance for their controversial lifestyle. A lifestyle dedicated to starving and purging yourself to death.

The girls who seek out Ana & Mia on the web are looking to connect with fellow anorexics and bulimics. Not in pursuit of treatment, but in pursuit of support, ideas, fun, and frivolity.

Ana is the code name anorexia. Mia is the code name for bulimia.




After writing my last post on THIN, I was all fired up on this topic and I didn’t feel like sleeping. I decided dig around the net to see what I could find on Ana & Mia. I heard rumblings of this underground web world a few months back; but ignored it. This can no longer be ignored.

As I googled “pro anorexia,” I was overwhelmed with nervous anticipation. I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to see the search results. But as the image of my six year old daughter popped into my head, I took a deep breath, and clicked.

That one click took me to a world no mother wants to see. A world where teenage girls post comments of relief and pure excitement that they have found an online group that understands their need It is, after all, their right, to pursue their anorexic dream.

Each girl posts their own “Thinspiration!” images, to show others what they are willing to die for. The winner of the Thinspiration popularity contest? It’s a tie between Nicole Richie and Mary Kate Olsen.

Nicole, who is on the cover of at least 2-3 magazines of late, Hollywood doing their best to sensationalize and exploit this poor girls illness. Mary Kate, of the famous Olsen twins. The one my innocent, angelic, daughter already relates to, since her hip and trendy fashions are sold at Walmart, marketed to size 5 and up.

Here are two model images I found posted by several girls, most with the fun little comment; Think Thin!! :)

04.jpg 07.jpg

The girls flood to the site to share their daily successes, and failures. Halloween was a rough time for Anas & Mias, most broke down and consumed some dreaded candy. Those who failed to obstain from the mouthwatering sugar, subsequently poured their heart out to their cherished online companions. They expressed hatred for their fat cow bodies. They reaffirmed their commitment and dedication to Ana or Mia, most commonly promising to punish themselves tomorrow by fasting.

Ladies, it is time for a revolution. and started it. Dove is leading it. This blog and many others like it will continue to drive it. With momentum, we can make a difference for ourselves, young women, teenage girls, and all the 8 year olds who are starting their first diet. This is a cycle that must be broken.

Check out Empowered Parents


Still need proof Ana & Mia are real? Read the creed.ed
The Ana Creed

I, Ana, believe in Control, the only force mighty enough to bring order to the chaos that is my world.

I believe that I am the most vile, worthless and useless person ever to have existed on this planet, and that I am totally unworthy of anyone’s time and attention.

I believe that other people who tell me differently must be idiots. If they could see how I really am, then they would hate me almost as much as I do.

I believe in oughts, musts and shoulds as unbreakable laws to determine my daily behaviour.

I believe in perfection and strive to attain it.

I believe in salvation through trying just a bit harder than I did yesterday.

I believe in calorie counters as the inspired word of god, and memorise them accordingly.

I believe in bathroom scales as an indicator of my daily successes and failures.

I believe in hell, because I sometimes think that I’m living in it.

I believe in a wholly black and white world, the losing of weight, recrimination for sins, the abnegation of the body and a life ever fasting.



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  1. Alison says:

    Wow. That is really scary.

  2. Thomas Kovacich says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. They open a dialogue that is otherwise silent, rarely discussed, or confided within very close and intimate settings. These topics are real sensitivities that affect everyone on a daily basis. In my opinion, mass media and marketing play the exclusive roll in manufacturing the beauty myth you are discussing here. This ideal is often created within a male-dominated vacuum in support of the same; profits, mass appeal, and mass consumption.

    Thank you for being so brave to talk about the things that are so important! Someone has to do it.


  3. mamavision says:

    Thanks Tom, I really appreciate your comments. Its nice to know men care about these topics as well. I admit, its scary at times to put my thoughts and opinions out there but then I figure someone’s got to do it. The media is completely out of control. The modeling industry is shocking in their efforts to lower the bar even further out of reality. Any we are all falling for it. Check out Dove’s campaign This is the first American Corporation I have seen really stick their neck out to say enough is enough. The did a really in depth study on self esteem, the statistics are so alarming and terribly sad.

    Have a great day, and get painting man!

  4. Kirsti says:

    Hi there,

    I am the author of the Anorexic Creed that you quote – without attribution – in your blog. If you click on my website link above, you will find the full story behind it. I wrote it when I was mostly recovered from my own eating disorder, as an attempt to try and educate people, at a time when anorexia wasn’t much talked about.

    I do not condone pro-anorexia sites, and I do my best to try and get the Creed removed for them. It’s mostly a losing battle, but I’d appreciate you editing the blog post to reflect my authorship and the original purpose of the creed.

    Many thanks

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  6. Giovanna G. Palandri says:

    Hi, there!

    My name’s Giovanna, I’m from Brazil – I’m sorry about my poor english!
    About two weeks ago, a brazilian model died of anorexia. Since that day, the midia started focusing this illness, and I relized how it is becoming really common in this new generation.
    I’m eighteen years old and last year a friend of mine started losing weight. She lost about 10 kg and now I’m sure she’s with anorexia. Her mother have never wanted to believe on my father, who is a doctor. He always told her about the serious situation of my friend. It’s not easy!
    Anorexia is a psychiatric illness. The problem is that people have a prejudice agaist this field of study. Mothers of anorexic girls do not want to get real and, because of that, they delay to much to search for a psychiatrist. The prejudice can be seen when those mothers argue:” My daughter is not mad!”.
    Interested in this important subject, I started searching out in the net when I found this blog. Congratulations for your initiative! Unfortunatly, only few people realize the significance of this matter. Congratulations, again, for your brave attitude, contesting this unacceptable reality. We need more people like you!!!

    Many thanks,


  7. J Fae says:

    I just found your blog- while doing my own search on ana/mia. I am in the process of trying not to relapse and trying to hide the fact that i am infact relapsing. I am overweight (hard to believe when you never eat…but eh) because they put me on psychotropic medications- which made me gain over a hundred pounds. I thought i had accepted that i was fat- but then i started to lose weight and recieve compliments.. And i am back here again

    I am sure that in your search you found plenty of sites that were for and against, however i never seem to see one that says what should be done. I never see anyone talk about how its wrong for me or my friends to have this obsession- yet in every magazine i see something about weight- either loss or gain- or see women who are very underweight being bagged on for gaining some.

    What has this world come to? Where a 10 year old becomes anorexic and 10 years later is still struggling- only now she really has a reason? I hope others like you will get it out there that the media seriously does have an effect- and that words hurt… no matter what the old addage says…

  8. lulu says:

    Is there a way to not eat and avoid those nasty headaches everytime I try I end up with a bad head ache

  9. I’ve been dealing with bulimia more than half my life and have been on medication that caused some weight gain, so I get how this can be very tough. The first thing I can tell you J Fae is to not beat yourself up or think of yourself as a failure because you are relapsing. You’re relapsing because there are things you need help with. Healing is a process and people need to remember that. You may have taken a detour in your healing but all that means is that you can turn back around and go back toward being healthy.

    Appreciate the new things you are doing now, like doing research online and reaching out to blogs like this one. People hear your story and you are not alone. You are not alone in your pain and struggles. Others are here to help you. All you have to do is ask.

    The biggest problem for me was the inability to ask for help. I was always the “perfect girl” so it was not in the “image” to admit imperfection. Boy, that one belief hurt me more than anything in my life. None of us can go through this life without help. None of us can tackle big issues alone. Asking for help is a sign of strength not weakness.

    I blog about beauty and body issues too, and use my past experiences as a way to help others. I totally agree that the media and fashion world is out of control in the messages they send out. Worse, they don’t even see the problem. So that’s where social media comes in: blog, podcast, video, forums. We all have the power to speak out and tell the media “No more!” We can flex our consumer muscles and say “Enough!” The more people raise their voices and concerns, the more we can start making small changes that will eventually lead to bigger changes. I dream of that every day, and take action. We all can.

  10. mamavision says:

    Hi Fae: I am glad you reached out. Do you know that my blog stats show me how people find my blog? Guess what the top search terms are? Ana & Mia. I am glad girls like you are finding me and perhaps finding a little inspiration to make changes.

    Words hurt like hell. Most girls in your situation can point back directly to the person, place and time that they were called “fat” for the first time. I recall my Grandfather saying “You look fatter” on Christmas Eve when I was 15 years old. I was sitting by my parents fireplace and I was crushed. I wasn’t fat, I was just going through puberty. Every single time I saw him after that, I was on pins and needles thinking he was going to call me fat again, and he likely had no idea what a seed he had planted.

    Your young mind is like a ball of clay…words go in and they do not go out. Images you see stay with us all. How about boycotting fashion magazines for a while? Do you have a close friend you can confide in and work on healthy goals together? If not, why not do it on your own?

    There are ways to get yourself to a healthy, manageable weight, without going down the Ana & Mia hell trail. I know you want fast results, but you will be miserable, you know that don’t you?

    Yoga may be something for you to try if you have not already. The mind/body connection seems to work wonders on self esteem….if you don’t analyze yourself in the mirror the whole time!! :)

    Hang in there kiddo, there is so much out there waiting for you in life, do your best to stay strong and email me anytime you need a friend. I will send you my private email address.

  11. mamavision says:

    To Lulu who posted the question above:
    Is there a way to not eat and avoid those nasty headaches everytime I try I end up with a bad head ache

    This question leads me to believe you thought you were on a Ana & Mia site. Since I have you here perhaps I can plant a few seeds.

    Lulu, you know the answer to your own question. If you don’t eat, your body will respond negatively, in your case by giving you a headache so you then eat properly. Please try a healthy approach to eating and exercise, you will feel so much better and you will be a healthy, self confident girl.

    If you’d like to write me back I am here to chat anytime.
    Take care,

  12. jfae says:

    Thank you for your kind words! I thought i would share this with you, since you seem to be the only sane adult out there. I recentley went to see my psychiatrist- whom knows of my ED. She weighted me and the scale said i had lost 22lbs since last month- and she congratulated me… It made me wonder what our health professionals are thinking now a days…

    Any ways- please keep up your great work on this blog. It is thanks to you and others like you that i hope that my children never face what i am facing.

    You rock!

  13. mamavision says:

    Hi Jfae: So you go to your psychiatrist who is the trained expert in ED, and she high fives you on losing weight? How about a new doctor? Seriously, what is this woman thinking?

    How are you doing? In your last post you said you were relapsing….how are you feeling today?

    Not to be too cheesy, but it is a new year. Your thoughts create your reality. Let’s get the positive thoughts going. Perhaps make a list of what you want to accomplish this year (no weight, body related stuff allowed).

    Here is my example list:
    1) Continue with Yoga practice and mediation. I started 3 months ago due to chronic neck pain, and I have not missed a day. Yoga has evolved into meditation practice, nothing major, just a few minutes of mindful breathing. Google Rodney Yee, hes the best on yoga. For meditation, John Kabat Zinn.

    2) Stop negative triggers – I am going to keep blogging to remind women to stop reading the fashion rags and putting $ in the marketers pockets. They are brainwashing you.

    3) Chuck your friend the scale. For fun, literally drop it out the window so it smashes. Could be fun.

    4) Find a hobby besides staring at your face and body. There are so many exciting things to do and create, go to the library and check it out. think about what you like. I am a seamstress, you name it I sew it. Working with your hands can magically get your crazy mind to settle down.

    5) Surround yourself with positive people, surf the web for positive sites. The minute you go astray and start looking at Nicole Richie, click back to me for a reality check.

    6) Music can do wonders. Find tunes that inspire you to be yourself, believe in yourself even when you think the whole world is against you.

    Happy new year my friend.
    Your life is now.

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  15. food for thought says:

    I would be happy for you to contact me.

    I’m a 16-year-old AS student and one of those people who are really obsessive about food intake (in terms of food type), weight, body shape and all the rest of it, and this has been caused by a perfectionist nature, strict parents and bullying for much of my childhood. I often skip meals (usually breakfast) and some days eat less than I should do. I’ve also had days where the only foods I’ve eaten have been significantly less healthy than, say, fruit and veg.
    For me, it’s not about calories, it’s about what I’m actually putting into my body. Ideally, I should be eating 5 a day, meat, diary products and other foods to balance it out and I should be healthy, not unhealthy. My obsession is not with being thin, but with being healthy, and when healthy you are of a reasonable weight.
    My actual weight is just over 10 stone and I’m a UK size 10-12, which is perfectly acceptable for my height and age, and yet I’m still, by my own vision, “imperfect”.
    I believe this is down to Western culture and idealisations about “perfection”.
    I never feel that I will be happy with myself, and for this reason the pro-ANA and MIA websites are actually almost a help.
    I think it’s good that these sites can provide support for people in far worse positions than me, and frankly, the horrificness of the “thinspiration” images and idealisms are enough to discourage most ordinary people from extreme food control, since they have no wish to resemble emaciated human beings.
    However, these images of super-skinny supermodels that have actually been dropped from fashion labels due to their excessively low body weight simultaneously promote these eating disorders – the thing I have a problem with.
    These illnesses are fatal in 1/5 cases. Perhaps it’s time the government set up websites to provide help and advice for people with them, and ban sites that display this “thinspiration” imagery.

  16. miacantik says:

    Mama, thanks a lot for the article. I really love how you try to give description to the teenagers about how dangerous are ana & mia.

    I’m 28 years old, and I’m very thin, mama, but that is because I’m suffering the imbalance of thyroid hormone. So I love to eat a lot, but can never gain weight more than 42 kgs (I’m abt 160 cms height). But I am so annoyed when some bigger-than-me-women ask me “how can you get this thin? you must have been not eating a lot…” or “how come you can eat anything and still have that figure?” and something like that, (offcourse) in jealousy sound… makes me what to shout them “Oh yeah, try to have hypothyroid on your healthy body!!!”

    they are healthy, and they don’t cherish the gift that God has given to them. Pathetic, dont you think?

    *it’s a hi from Mia (yup, it’s my name) in Indonesia*

  17. Holly says:

    Wow. Your words are so powerful.
    I once had a friend (she will remain anonymous) who was anorexic.
    I convinced her that starving herself was wrong, but it was an uphill battle.
    Her plan was simple; she wouldn’t eat anything. When she felt like she was about to pass out, she ate a cube of cheese.
    Her ribs bulged through her clothes and her spine was visible through her size 0 shirt.
    I found myself confused and wondering why she would do this to herself.
    Peer pressure, perhaps. She wasn’t the only one at our high-school was suffered from Ana and Mia.
    I helped her out, and I felt a huge sense of pride after doing so. She really needed it.
    You could tell that she was happier.
    Hopefully your writing will inspire others to begin the fight against Ana and Mia.
    Thanks for everything you do. I will be recommending your website to other friends/peers who suffer from either disease.

  18. ferwoman says:

    Your site is GREAT!!!!! Wonderful purpose, excellent presentation. The photos were freaky, and would definitely convince me to not travel that ana/mia road.

    I grew up in the Twiggy years and people complimented me on how thin my body was and how much I looked like Twiggy. At the time, as teenager, I thought that was the right way to be and became so unhappy when I went through a late puberty and “got fat” (actually, I only “got curves” and was not fat). Later, at 20, when I was 5-10 and weighed 132, I thought my body was “perfect” – when I look at the photos now, I realize my body was emaciated. Such skeletal arms! Yikes.

    This thought process persisted for a while, though, and in fact I half-seriously joke that I divorced my first husband because, while I was reaching for the refrigerator door (I was nursing a 6-month old baby at the time) he said, “when are you going to lose some weight?” – we were divorced within a year.

    Later, I quit basing my self-worth on what other people thought about me, and guess what? That was the right thing to do. I started living my own life, for myself, and taking responsibility for all my choices. (By the way, I now get along fine with my ex, and don’t get bent out of shape by anything he says. And I’ve been happily remarried for 25 years to a WONDERFUL man and we can communicate about anything freely.)

    In my 40’s I took up SCUBA diving… I did a lot of swimming then and naturally lost some weight without intending to – I was just active in something I really enjoyed doing. I still weighed about 170-175 but I was physically very fit. And you know what, I didn’t look “skinny” nor “fat” – to me, I just looked “right”.

    I think that’s what your site is all about. We ARE “just right” despite whatever others may or may not say about us. *WE* determine our own views of ourselves, not anyone else. And you know what? That’s the way it should be.

    Bless you for having your site!

  19. Ellie says:

    Hey, i suffer from ana with mia “tendencies”, im just 18. Ive read through your site and watched you videos on you tube. I currently weigh 90pounds but im 5ft9, like you said in one of your videos, i wanted to weigh 120…then 115…then 110 and thought just that little bit more, food restriction and calorie and fat content took over my life!Now i am trapped in what feels like an empty void, im numb and all i can think about is when am i going to crack and eat more than 200 cals,or when im going to start my next fast. It was after watching your videos that for the first time in 5 years i can actually admit im not happy. I dont wanna feel like this and dont want to look like this. I actually LOOKED in the mirror this morning and truely seen myself and what i really look like, and i really didnt like what i seen. I made my very first appointment with a docter today, im going on friday im really scared but im ready!I really want to thank you because you have saved me. I dont know what it is but listening to you talk felt right..i believed you, i trusted you yet i have never met you. I truely am in debt to you, you have saved my life, i will never forget you and will message you to let you know how my recovery is goin.

    Much love Ellie x x x

  20. mamavision says:

    Hi Ellie! I am so very proud of you. You are doing this, not me , I just gave you a little inspiration. I will keep the inspiration coming, so please keep me posted on your progress.

    I will be thinking about you on Friday when you have your doctor’s appointment. Write me a post anytime and I will be happy to exchange email addresses so we can stay in touch directly.

    I will leave you with this. Life with ED is hell, you know it, I know it. Life without it is literally unbelieveable. You need to find your passion- reading, writing, sewing, acting, whatever it is – FIND IT. Your passion will allow you to become absorbed in something outside of yourself and it will help you stay strong as you recover.

    Try yoga and meditation – great starters are books by John Kabat Zinn, he runs a stress clinic and has audio tapes on mindful meditation. The idea is that when you focus on your breathing, and work on blocking out all other thoughts, you relax, acheive clarity and mindfullness (which means being in the moment). Great starter yoga is AM/PM yoga with Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden.

    My heart is beating so fast writing this too you. This is so important. You can beat this damn thing, I know it.

    Reach out anytime kiddo,

  21. k.c. ivy says:

    I briefly heard about these websites mentioned on a news program awhile back. I didn’t pay attention or look at them until you brought them to light in your blog. Thank you for helping so many people by providing an alternative. I saw the pro ana mia site and thought it was a complete joke. Then realized the young girls out there reading it…

    best wishes and best of luck in educating girls on the dangers.

    thanks again!

  22. Niika says:

    I find this very interesting, as I am actually part of the community whose (old) screenshots you used here (proanorexia on LiveJournal). Sometimes I wish I could break myself free of going to these sorts of sites… but then I realize that if I didn’t, I’d just be disordered AND alone. Even if it makes me worse, which it probably does; even if it fuels me and makes me feel somewhat competitive sometimes, which it probably does. There are a lot of very nice girls on that website who are just in a lot of pain and find comfort in submitting themselves to “ana” or whatever you want to call it.

    Scary? Yes. Fact? Yes. Can we change it? Well, I really don’t know, to be honest. I just keep thinking… what are the chances that this will change 100%? What are the chances that anorexia, bulimia, EDNOS, and others will not just keep happening — will ever stop altogether? I do know one thing, though: Shutting down sites like this will not help. It will simply make us feel even worse than we already do. Disordered and alone.

  23. mamavision says:

    Hi Niika: Thanks for your comments. I agree we should not shut the sites down, since I have come to believe they do serve a purpose for those struggling with various ED’s and overall I just believe in free speech. Shutting down the sites is like sticking your head in the sand, the problem is not going away.

    I wish you the best with your personal ED struggle. The advice think is most helpful is to try to find your passion in life- something outside of yourself, your body. Reading, writing, sewing, yoga, whatever, just find it. If you can get absorbed in something, even just for a brief while, this passion can bring meaning to your life, that could help you start moving in the right direction.

    Take care Niika,

  24. Ruby Gill-Quirke says:

    i am a 16 year old girl and i am an average size and i find it absolutely appalling that there are such people who would set up loads of websites to encourage teenagers to stop eating and follow ‘ana and mia’ to be beautiful,

    i read one of their websites which said that when the girls were called mature, intelligent and said to have a huge potential this did not matter because as long as they were not thin, they were not beautiful and nobody would care about them. it also encouraged them to stop speaking to their friends because they would only discourage them from ana and mia and apparently, this would be out of jealousy.

    i came across this blog when i was searching ana and mia and i am happy to see that there are things out there which are totally against this.

    love ruby xxx

  25. Cat says:

    i’m a 14 year old who is struggling with anorexia. I feel like i’m fat and worthless, and i try not to eat whenever i can. A;though, my parents are always around, so i usually eat 1 meal a day. I’m 5″ 3′ and 119lbs. And i have lots of fat. I just know i am. No matter howmany people tell me that i’m not fat, i just can’t see their point of view when i look in a mirror. I’ve gotten sucked into the void of being perfect, and i don’t want to get out. I obsess about how i loook, and i exercise once or twice a day. I want to be skinny, so i don’t want to stop.

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  27. asdfghjkl says:

    Do you know that anorexia is a disease?It doesn’t really appear that you do. People with eating disorders don’t do it from pressure or the media, they do it because in there own minds they are imperfect. The comments on your pictures say things like “how pathetic” and “what a waste of a young life”, but you’re not sick like them, how would you know what it feels like? Why are anorexics always bantered, but never the obese?Obesity is just as bad as anorexia. Would you walk up to an obese person and say”You really need to do something about that”, yet anorexics get it all the time. That said, anorexia is sad. Life is the best gift we have, and people take their own.

  28. asdfghjkl says:

    Don’t get me wrong, i think what your doing is fantastic.But please try and be more sensitve to those who are suffering.

  29. ana says: think you have it all figured out…you have no idea.

    easy for you to say it is awful.

    i don’t know what i would to without my girls.

    so please be more sensitive.

  30. ana and mia says:

    the person named “Cat” that left a reply. is not anorexic. she is ABOVE the healthy weight. your web page shows a different view, but at the same time i wish it would show ours.

  31. Hillary says:

    I am ashamed of the responses that people who claim to be “ana” and “mia” make to posts and articles like this. Some seem to realize that these things are being said for their health, but others blatantly shoot them down with comments like “WE DON’T NEED YOU! we know what we’re doing. we don’t want your help!” I am truly ashamed on their behalf. I myself am bulimic and I had a run with anorexia in past years. I am a dancer, a soccer player and an all around active girl. I know that I’m not obese. I have a “normal” BMI, but that is due largely to muscle mass. I am, in fact, smaller than many, perhaps most girls I know. However, I am never satisfied when I look in the mirror, and I understand that to some degree, this is natural. I also know that it cannot possibly be natural for an active, intelligent 16-year-old girl to be forcing herself to throw up every night. I am actually terrified. I know there’s something wrong with me, I admit that. I’m on the borderline of wanting to recover, and wanting to stay where I am. I know that if I were to tell my parents, they would get angry. It’s the way they are. I wouldn’t be able to be put in a program to help me because we don’t have the money, and insurance doesn’t cover it because my problem is “self-inflicted” (even, though it’s clearly a psychological problem that I can’t help). In addition, I’m afraid to tell someone because I would probably be forced to recover, and I still have a very intense fear of gaining weight. I’m sorry for the long comment… I really just needed to put it out there and this seemed a decent place to put it. I don’t know… what to do. Bulimia is ruining me. I’m letting it happen. I need someone to talk to.

  32. ana is love. says:

    i know you are trying to “help” people by telling them the dangers. well people who are ana and mia arent stupid. we know what can happen to us. we dont care. there is a 99.9% chance that we arent happy and we want to die. we feel like the only way to make ourselves happier is to get closer to perfection and the only way is to starve ourselves. i agree with the person named “ana and mia”..about show our veiws. if you were truly ana or mia you would be doing the same thing as me. you would be mad and upset. i just want to get something straight..ANOREXIA CHOSE US. WE DIDNT CHOOSE IT.

    you have no idea what you are doing.
    you dont know what its like to be ana or mia.
    so you shouldnt be doing this!

    and i know people are gunna post comments about mine..
    but i dont care.

    people like you make our lives worse.
    so please just leave us alone.

  33. mamavision says:

    Hi ana is love: When I read your comments, all I hear is fear. Fear you will be found out. I am not backing off because you need help. You can yell and holler at me all you would like, if it makes you feel better, wonderful.

    I apologize that my blog is so disturbing to you, but you can read through the comments to see that it has helped some. It may not help you, but that is ok. For me, if I am able to help a few, that is all that matters.

    Do you know how many girls have been totally ticked off at me, and they come back months later to say thanks? What is life about if not that?

    I wish the best for you, and I hope you find peace in your life. Anorexia may have chose you, but do you know you have choice? Sounds like you have lost that part of yourself. You always have a choice, a choice to fight back and get your life back.

  34. Ana is Love. How warped your mind is. It’s sad…

    I’ve been battling eating disorders my entire life.

    Anorexia is like being addicted to crystal meth. It causes you to be dellusional and it

    warps your mind.

    Ana/mia is so difficult to come back from. Much like a drug addiction – which I have

    also experienced – it controls your mind (you, in all reality, possess NO control

    whatsoever!) and creates a constant struggle for the rest of your life, even in

    “sobriety”. It took me many years to recover from my disease. You know, you speak

    for quite a few people when you use the words “we” and “us” in your statement. Why

    don’t you try speaking for yourself, little girl, because there are some of us who are

    afflicted that wanted someone to reach out and give us hope for recovery!!! Maybe

    you could benefit from attending an AA meeting. I’m serious. Just sit down and shut

    up and listen to what they have to say. They might have a different disease from you,

    but all you need to do is cross out AA and replace it with the word “Anorexia” and you

    got yourself a mighty successful program to stick to. You wanna talk about control,

    why don’t you practice some REAL control and see if you can conform to the 12 steps.

    Ten bucks says you’re too chicken s*** to even try it. But for your sake, I pray to

    God you give it a shot. You aren’t gonna live forever, baby girl. Good luck.

  35. The 12 Suggested Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous::

    1We admitted we were powerless over alcohol–that our lives had become unmanageable.

    2Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

    3Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

    4Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

    5Admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.

    6Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

    7Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

    8Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.

    9Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

    10Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.

    11Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.

    12Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

  36. and i’ll probabaly never visit this site again because i’m very busy, but i do check my myspace so go for it if you have something to say to me, good or bad just leave a message. peace

  37. Penn State Broadcast Student says:

    If you could please get in touch with me .. i would love to speak with you more on this topic

  38. anonamous says:

    ive always wondered. how do you purge? anybody got any tips im looking for a fast way to lose weight. like you all i have an eating disorder its the kind where i eat TOO much instead of not enough and im tired of being chubbs so if anyone has any tips i would especially appreciate it.

  39. mamavision says:

    Dear Anonamous: I apologize if you mistook this site for one which provides tips on how too binge and purge. I am dedicated to helping girls like you NOT fall into the life of bulimia and anorexia.

    Since I have your attention. you mention you are looking for ways too lose weight. What makes you jump to purging? I assume it is because you have tried and failed on healthy methods?

    Bulimia and anorexia will bring you a life of literal hell. If you spend some time browsing around, you will see what I mean.

    The only way to get healthy is through a balanced diet, exercise, and learning about good choices. I recall when my sister started having a weight issue, my mom went with her to weight watchers. They teach you about food, and you are able to still eat sweets, and foods you love. You learn about portion size, and exercise, easy stuff like walking, talking the stairs when you can, and much more. You need set a new lifestyle, not go on a diet.

    I hope you head on the right path. Take care,

  40. mamavision says:

    Hi Hillary: Thank you for your heart felt post and I apologize for not responding sooner. I am on vacation this week and I have some time to catch up.

    How are you doing? At 16, you are at the height of body changes and this a time that it is so natural to look in the mirror and not like what you see (kind of goes with the territory of being a girl in puberty). We have all been there, but the important part is you are at a fork in the road.

    If you are already purging daily, you need to reach out to help. You reached out to me so that tells me you are on the right track. Call the NEDA helpline, they will guide you, if your parents will not. Most of the individuals who answer the phone are recovered ED suffers, they get it. They can refer to you to a support group, or private center where you can talk to someone who will understand. Reach out and take control of your like Hillary- this path is hell. I know you already know that.

    Please right back and let me know how you are and if this seems like something you can do.

    Love XOXOX,

  41. mamavision says:

    Hi Cat; How are you? The feelings you have are so natural, teenage life is one of total questioning, and body image tends to hit us hard. It sounds like you are struggling, so lets talk about the healthy habits you are doing.

    Are you eating balanced meals? Do you understand how to eat healthy, which includes eating things you enjoy like sweets, candy, etc? Weight watchers has a great program to educate yourself.

    Find your passion- what do you like? What do you get absorbed in when you are doing it? When I was 15 I discovered sewing, I started making clothes, and it was awesome. I found something outside of myself that meant something so I didn’t focus so much putting myself down. Do you have something like this?


  42. mamavision says:

    Hi Ellie: Just checking in, how are you doing?

  43. Hillary says:

    Thank you mama (haha, i dont know what else to call you)
    I’ve made a lot of progress in my recovery. I haven’t really reached out to anyone other than you, but I did tell my best friend. I’m not sure it was a good idea because she completely freaked out and he wants me to go to a therapist. I really don’t want to go to a therapist because it would be useless and I don’t have the money. I can’t tell my parents because my mom would just get angry (she’s one of the one’s who believes that people choose to be like this, when really it’s far more complicated than that.) I’m doing my best do get over it by myself, because when it comes down to it I’m going to be the only one who can really change the way I think, etc. After prom (May 4) I’m getting my hair cut and I’m going to get a make-over and just completely redo who I am. I’m not who I want to be at all.

    p.s. I haven’t purged in over a month now, so I really am making progress.

  44. Anaaddict says:

    This site is great. I thought I was alone. Keep up the good work mama

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  46. Alice says:

    um…i can’t remember who posted the comment about not reading fashions magazines.
    but read “bitch” magazine yes…you can tell by the name unless you thought (dogs? then …gay porn or whatever other connotations “bitch” has..sorry i’m rambling…Paris Hilton) but since its tagline (is that the right word for a magazine) is “a feminist approach to pop culture” so substitute “feminist” with “alternative/different…better [?] ahem!” then buy it seriously because you have it in America (where as i don’t very easily…because i’m english) “”
    P.s i know to some femenism is a dirty wrd and everyones thinking of hairy armpits and i don’t know bra burning but it isn’t really about all that it can be…but that’s not something they demand at the “newstand”, and you don’ even have o hate men…though many women would find that easier, anyways check out the site.
    you will not find Nicole Ritchie i’m sorry, but she’s small we keep loosing her.
    ( not dissing you all bulimic to by the way, just have to sense of humour about these things sometime.)
    Ok now i’m really rambling, You all seem lovely.
    p.s doesn’t have dieting tips but may have issues for yu to find a passion in
    pp.s sorry if this has already been recommended.

  47. Alice says:

    um…i can’t remember who posted the comment about not reading fashions magazines.
    but read “bitch” magazine yes…you can tell by the name unless you thought (dogs? then …gay porn or whatever other connotations “bitch” has..sorry i’m rambling…Paris Hilton) but since its tagline (is that the right word for a magazine) is “a feminist approach to pop culture” so substitute “feminist” with “alternative/different…better [?] ahem!” then buy it seriously because you have it in America (where as i don’t very easily…because i’m english) “”
    P.s i know to some femenism is a dirty wrd and everyones thinking of hairy armpits and i don’t know bra burning but it isn’t really about all that it can be…but that’s not something they demand at the “newstand”, and you don’ even have o hate men…though many women would find that easier, anyways check out the site.
    you will not find Nicole Ritchie i’m sorry, but she’s small we keep loosing her.
    ( not dissing you all i am bulimic too by the way, just have to sense of humour about these things sometimes.)
    Ok now i’m really rambling, You all seem lovely is my conclusion
    p.s doesn’t have dieting tips but may have issues for yu to find a passion in
    pp.s sorry if this has already been recommended.

    alice xxx

    ppps. sorry just read my comment back….I DO NOT WORK FOR THEM 😉
    pppps. BUT SHOULD ha ha ha !

  48. Lo says:

    I am recovering from an eating disorder, and I was a member and administrator of a very active pro-mia forum for over three years.

    My views on pro-ana/mia sites are conflicted. First of all, I do not believe that just any girl who stumbles upon one of these sites will develop an eating disorder. However, girls (or boys) who are either genetically predisposed to it or just in a vulnerable spot in their lives might succumb to sites such as these as a last resort to a life they feel they can no longer control.

    It is true, pro-ana/mia sites practically worship frailty and bones. Although the site I was a member of did not do this…many of these sites do give tips on how to purge, or how to starve more effectively…and this disturbs me.

    On the other hand, the reason I am conflicted is because the pro-mia site I visited for so long was a great support system for me when I was leading such a lonely, horrible life. No one in my life understood me or what I was going through, and these people did. It’s why I went for as long as I did…I didn’t need to learn how to get an eating disorder, I obviously already had one. I just came there for support.

    But I know that there are many out there that go to places, even the site that I went to, for the same reason that I did. They purposely are brain-washing themselves with “thinspiration” and I guess this “ana creed” ( i never really read that…).

    Just a few days ago I went on Myspace and found a ton of Groups that were pro-ana/mia. MYSPACE!! Now that’s not even “underground”! And I WAS disturbed by what I saw. “Tips and tricks”..etc…

    When I went into treatment I was so ashamed to admit to anyone there that I had been an administrator at a pro-mia site for so long…and I never did tell anyone. Now that I’m in recovery I have gone back to visit this site a couple of times and I admit that it can be very triggering for me.

    I honestly don’t know what conclusion to come to. I don’t agree with people glorifying an illness…but I don’t really want people who have never had an eating disorder to tell sufferers of the illness to “just eat healthy and exercise”. It’s an illness, not a drastic diet. They can’t “just eat”.

    Of course there are websites out there that are “pro-recovery”. Those are worthy of looking at, also.

    Anyway, not sure where I’m going with this anymore…

  49. Lo says:

    I feel like adding something else before I go…

    I just watched your video and I agree with you…”media creates reality”. I believe that those who are susceptible to perfectionism or OCD, or any possibly obsessive mental illness…if they were to stumble upon these sites they might turn this into their obsession.

    2 years ago I would have never admitted that. But the fact is, the media (these sites, Nicole Ritchie, Mary-Kate Olsen, the constant focus on diets and weight loss), plays a major role in how young adolescents few the world and themselves. And you’re right, it IS sad, and it IS disturbing.

    Alright, I’m done for now. :-)

  50. Cat Macois says:

    Nobody should tell people that killing youself is beautiful. There are so many insecure teenage girls who are unhappy about the way they look, it’s disgustingly irresponsible to tell them that they’re fat and ugly and the only way to be beautiful is to starve. To all the pro-Ana&Mia fanatics out there; YOU are the ones who are ugly. If you believe in hell, I can tell you now that you’re going there.

  51. desperate says:

    i need help with thinspiration. i keep caving and bingeing

  52. mamavision says:

    Hi desperate: This is not a forum for Thinspiration, this is instead a blog dedicated to talking about pro-ana and thinspiration, and finding ways not to engage yourself within this community.

    The life of eating disorders is pure hell, and as you have noted above is an impossible lifestyle to maintain.

    I hope you will take the time to read some of the post on this blog for a different perspective on life, priorities, and finding what you are passionate about…..before you are completely sucked into this lifestyle.

    Take care!

  53. cindy says:

    I probably will never come back to this website because ill forget about it but
    To anyone reading this
    I have struggled with ana and mia all my life at the age of 16 with a height of 5 ft I’ve ranged from 113 lbs to 140lbs

    This life is hard

    I’m glad for chats I find online but I’ve never found or looked for a site with the intention of finding a person that will tell me good job u didn’t eat in 5 days

    But if someone did, maybe I would be proud and eat? Who knows

    I’d feel better

  54. Marina says:

    Hi, I need help! I am dying, every day it is getting harder for me to breath. When I try to eat, I just can’t swallow it. I chew it and make my stomach thing I am eating it, but I just spit it back up. My mom says that if I don’t get some help soon, that I will day. I way 32 pounds, and I am 11 years old. If you can please email me some tips to help me. I am not ready to die. I want to live a full and healthy life. I am short and every body makes fun of me at school. They all say, Marina why are you so skinny?? Does your mom ever feed you?? I sit in the bathroom and cry. My teacher always sends me to the nurse, she looks at me like I am dead. I don’t know what it is to feel like a normal person. I want to be pretty and energetic. Not always worringing about my weight. I was never fat. But my friends said that I would look prettier. But now I am in danger, dying. Trying to go through every day, not being able to walk. Please help. I am afraid I will pass in the next week or two. I need help….. BAD!

  55. Frances says:

    Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the insight into all of this. Having been brought up in the knowledge that anorexia and bulimia are serious killer illnesses; I never really understood why people still did it, if they understood what it was about. I think it’s incredibly important to raise awareness of these things, and I wanted to know what I can do to help. I’m just turned 15, so I’m right in the heart of teenage years and I really want to be able to help as many people as possible, what can I do??

    Thanks Again

  56. Carolyn says:


    I’m 15 years old and recently recovering from an eating disorder, but i need help!
    Everytime i lost weight i used to see myself in the mirror and think that i was fatter than the day before. I’m slowly recovering and am a UK size 10-12 and about 8 1/2 stone, somehow i have LOST weight since i have been ill (is that even possible?) and i have grown taller.The only thing is…i don’t want to stop! Everytime i eat something, i feel so guilty…and i’m finding it hard to appreciate a me that isn’t skin and bone. Even when my parents say that i’m thin, i can’t believe them. I can’t believe that i could become so ill and yet only be a 10-12! I need convincing…and support to become healthy again.

    Much love, Carolyn

  57. ??? says:

    If people want to do it they will do it. Even if they ban how will us stop is if it’s what we really want?? So give up. You. Are. Gay.

  58. naomi says:

    is it true that gargling cod liver oil will make you purge ?

  59. Max says:

    I am 19 and have suffered from ana and mia for about 4 years. It used to be less serious, I stayed in really good shape I danced all the time at a studio and went to the gym regularly, I’ve never eaten as much as I should but I always stayed around the 135 range, but I have a tendendency to bulk up so it was mostly muscle, Well I grew got a job and am in college so I quit dance and going to the gym as I had no time. To compensate ate I even less. Now 6 months later and about 10 pounds lighter I’m attempting to dance again. But i’ve lost my muscle I’m weak which just frustrates me to no end, But my eds have taken over, I can’t bring myself to eat much and if I do I purge. So I am torn and I don’t want to excercise because I’ll just get bulky and put on weight so I don’t know what to do i’m so torn and it’s starting to depress me. I can’t be happy either way. I don’t know what to do and I don’t have anyone to talk to.

  60. Courtney says:

    I’ve been ana/mia for 5 years now. My symptoms began earlier in life, but I didn’t become full-fledged anorectic until recently. I remember going online and finding my ana/mia sites that now I frequent often. I can’t help but to wonder if I would still be where I’m at [sick(?)] if I didn’t have the encouragement to “stay strong.” It terrifies me to think of young girls finding these sites. I’m 21 and my identity is completely immersed with “ana.” She was supposed to be there for me, support me, be a friend…but she has a wicked side as well. Only offering comfort if we’re willing to suffer…and then when that becomes tolerable, to suffer more…’til death do us part it seems. But one thing is true, she is always there. No escape. And when one feels lonely, so incredibly lonely-even this kind of friendship is welcomed.

  61. KAS says:


  62. KAS says:

    Today I forced myself to eat.

  63. wwwcasino says:

    Congratulation, it was very interesting surfing around here, It was a great pleasure for me to visit and enjoy you site. Keep it running!

  64. ::T::A::I:: I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO! says:



    I am young. And i knoe very well what i would be getting into if i took a visit to anorexia. i dont have the interest of bulimia. although. i have a high metabolism, am thin. but sometimes i cant help my cravings and sneak treats at night, and ask for little snacks that soon, have made me grow a small pot belly thing on my stomcahe.

    when i first looked at my reflection. i keep seeing that same little belly. over my shirts. it was disgusting. i was just shocked that i got that bulge. its small but i have never had a flaw on my stomache.

    ive decided to be vegetarian for personal reasons, and hopeflly on the long run, it would help get rid of the small small bulge.

    yet, i sometimes fall for the same cravings of snacks and i hate it.

    theres no way to control this frikin decision.
    i just want to be healthier.

    idk, maybe skipping a meal or two would push me into going for my decision of just eating healthier, and not craving for a bunch of calories in the snacks i eat. my mom is a fitness obssesed. and she buys organics-i thank her. but, behind her back, i slip into small snacks or i ask her for a smothie here and there for an all-organic-food break(she admits that she stuffs me with organic food) .

    my family is very organized on the eating schedule, but i think that for being so sneaky-the consiquences are my tiny teeny bulge on my stomache which i think has become my ppersonal issue. idk what to do.

    i just want to try skipping a meal or two and see if it will work. maybe this is called anorexia but im not deteremined to be it for ever. or for a very long time. just to get rid of this thingg, and to burn the calories that are in my body.

    i may be skinny it doesnt mean im healthy.its just my metabolism.

    idk. some help plz?

    with all sincerity,

  65. lyn says:

    i typed in ana creed into the serch engineand this was the first site, the reason i did this was because a friend of mines 11 yr old daughter was found with bags of sick in her school bag and also a copy of anas creed. i had never even heard of it and cried when i read it. i just dont know what to say i have huge issues with my weight just the other way around. a girl mentioned in her post that overweight ppl dont get ppl coming up to them saying you should do somthing about that well i have and i have been barked at by a group of men, you see ppl nudge each other as you walk past. i have cried myself to sleep because i know im killing myself slowly. reading some of the posts make me feel that were are not that different i used to eat and eat and eat til i could not eat anymore and then feel so bad i would eat some more. i have lost and gained weight 8 times in the last 10 yrs and still never kept it of i know i will always have an issue. dont get me wrong ana/mia is a far worse thing to deal with. it just makes me so sad because i too agree that the media is causeing much of this along with us as a race of women we can be so unkind to each other. lyn x

  66. lucy says:

    straight up you guys have no fucking idea what your talking about!!!! us girls NEED each other. dont you dare try and judge if you havent had an eating disorder before. fuck you.

  67. Grace says:

    I understand what your saying and much of it is correct – but please take just one moment to step back and see what we’re really doing. It isn’t about encouraging others not to eat, its about finding one place, one group of people that you really connect to. Without the proana site I belong to I have no idea where i would be, but it sure as hell wouldn’t be eating regularly and healthily. I would be depressed and feel completely helpless. The only people that can really understand the way you feel are those who have felt the exact thing themselves and thats what we’ve found in one another. When someone decides to change their eating habits for the better, the only thing that is ever posted on the site are good kind comments of encouragement and well wishing. We need one another to make it through the day without hurting ourselves. I mean its not asthough we’re animals handing out tips for purging for gods sake. All we want is someone to listen, to really listen and to care. I know its hard to understand the proana sites unless you belong to one but its not as transparent and seedy as it seems
    I just hope that people aren’t to quick to judge about something they infact know very little about.

  68. T says:

    I would just like to say that of course Ana and Mia are real, anorexia and bulimia are just like any other disease. They are mental diseases, recognized by thousands of doctors. The not eating is not the disease, it is only a sign of anorexia, the disease is how the person feels about his/her body. I myself suffer, yes suffer, from anorexia and bulimia, and I have been diagnosed by a doctor as both. It is not something I strived for, my disease did not start with wanting to loose weight, it started with my life falling apart and feeling like I had absolutely no control over what was going on. Most commonly control is the main issue with eating disorders. We can control what we put in our mouth, and we either choose to fast and express our control that way, or we uncontrollably binge and then purge to regain our control. Even when I was at my lowest weight [78 pounds] I was still starving myself because I still felt no control. Now I have been in numerous rehab facilities and treatment centers, yet my mindset remains the same. I did not choose this disease, it chose me, and being in a supportive community such as the ones you are protesting has given me the courage to keep living and fighting it every day. If it weren’t for these girls and guys to talk be through all my ups and downs there is no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be alive right now. So say what you want, think what you want, do what you want, but you will never be able to get rid of us. Anorexia is a disease and millions of girls suffer from it every day. You can take away the supportive communities that SAVE THESE GIRLS LIVES but you will never be able to cure this disease, and thats the main issue. I for one and proud to be part of such a loving, understanding, and life saving community.

  69. ketaminebliss says:

    don’t you dare try to bring any of us down
    you have no right calling any of us disgusting or brainwashed. in our world today everyone is allow freedom of speech, if a group of people feel like talk about the pros and cons of ana and mia so be it. why don’t you mind your own business and stop reading into other people’s personal lives because you are unsatisfied with your own. these people who post on these sites are looking for an outlet a place where others will accept understand and support what eachother are going through. you should defiently think twice before posting your stupid blogs, try thinking of other peoples feelings instead of your own ratings on this site. you may think im disgusting, but i think your repulsive for even typing such obscene things.
    did you by chance think of if those two models in those pictures happened to come across this and hear what rude insensative things your saying about their stunning bodies. you should be utterly ashamed of yourself. your a grown adult picking on teenaged kids. why dont you get a back bone an grow the fuck up you dumb cunt

  70. im better than you says:


  71. YOUR DAUGHTER says:

    mom, i’m bulimic and it really hurts my feelings that you think me and others like myself are gross :[
    i’m running away from home and committing suicide because i hate you so much for not caring about my feelings

  72. Jen/Jerri says:

    Jerri is what I hear when I exercise. It’s like a chant. That’s why I put it in my name slot.

    I just want to say, a lot of these sites say that looking at them can’t trigger or ’cause’ Ana or Mia, but that’s not true. Last year I was a normal little girl-I say little because I’m only 12 now.I was doing research for health class and got caught up in the pictures. The women had beautiful faces, and I’ve always been sort of underweight, so I felt at home. I went back to look at them a lot. It got me thinking, I should be more thin.

    It took like 8 months for me to start up with Ana. I first purged on Halloween.I ate 2 lbs. of candy. It wasn’t even that much.

    I want to get better. It’s just I LOOK normal and I tell my mother, who doesn’t get home until like 7, that I eat before she gets home. She says that it’s good that I make my own dinner because then she doesn’t have to cook as much. Thing is, it’s a lie.I never eat after school.

    You say we aren’t looking for treatment. I am. I just NEED to be thin. I know it’s not right to do this. I actually fainted for the first time in my life last friday after school. I get scared and think if I faint again Mom will notice.

    I also want to tell you one reason why so many Ana/Mias don’t get treatment until it’s almost to late. When they find out about a doctor’s appointment, they waterload. The way my cousins taught me is you eat HUGE amounts of salt earlier that day, then drink TONS of water. Your body retains it, which makes your weight go up a lot.

    Anyway, I hope you write back.I’m gonna check every night…when Mom’s asleep. PLEASE HELP ME, MAMA.

  73. Jerri says:

    Hey.You haven’t replied. I guess you don’t care about me. After all, It’s only been a half a month. I don’t care what you say anymore. I realized something- You shouldn’t be writing about us like we’re crazy, ‘cuz we’re not. No, you should be supporting us in our quest for thinness. You should be HELPING us! Here’s something I wrote for you – – – – – – –







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  77. Londres says:

    This is really a very interesting topic, it seems to have grown with the age of the internet. It is now very easy to share information, be it good or bad.

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  81. Jinlysusana says:

    click with low price and get big save

  82. Sarah says:

    Hi there! my name is sarah and for my next year twelve art piece i’m creating an oil painting about pro-ana mia sites. I’m trying to get it into the year 12 perspectives art exhibition to raise awareness about pro- ana and mia. The theme for the art piece is supposed to be point of view, and the point of view im trying to show is that I disagree with encouraging eating disorders and that anorexia and bulemia are serious issues, they are not lifestyle choices but eating disorders.
    Could people please comment on this with some ideas i could include within my art work! i would like to include lots of themes and it will make my artwork more effective if i can say that I also asked for the perspectives of others and included these in my work!
    thankyou! (and this is a wonderful website!)

  83. Keyshawne Denny says:

    I’m not Ana nor Mia, but I do have a girlfriend that once was. I gave her all the support she could possibly have to make her healthy. We struggled five months and it was a very dark time. Happily I can say believe she is healthy for two years now. My only concern is she still take pictures of herself, and still is big on wanting to be skinny. How can I know when she is relapsing? I know how big of a psychological affect is has on her. If you can help please let me know! I thank you for what you are doing and helping others. You are truly a blessing to everyone who struggles with this darkness.

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