I wanna be thin

To be thin. The American Girl Dream.

THIN, a documentary, by aclaimed photographer Lauren Greenfield, will air on HBO, November 14th., 9pmEST/8pmCST. This is must see TV for mothers. I heard of this film a month or so ago. The content took me some time to absorb before I felt like writing about it.

My past modeling life had me teetering on the edge an eating disorder for the majority of my teenage years and early twenties. At 15, I dove head first into exercise, being cheered on by my band of sick minded modeling agents.

I have the permanent back injuries to prove it.

Not to mention the unknown physical reprocussions of having amenorrhoea for who knows how long…one, two years? For those of you unfamiliar with the term amenorrhoea it means loss of menstration, a condition that generally comes along with being underweight, commonly due to excessive exercise.

It’s kind of like a badge of honor for models, you see if you don’t get your period, that means you are too skinny. That’s the goal. Sick form of validation huh?

You need to see this clip if THIN in order to get a sense of what this film brings to life. The haunting voice of this young, beautiful girl rang in my ears as I watched in disbelief as she cries out with in total frustration “I want to be thin. I want to be thin.” Her pain is deafening.

There’s a girl in your life right now that is feeling ashamed of her body. She is sitting out of sports because she is embarrassed to show her legs. She is writing in her diary how she is going to start on the same diet as her mother.

Moms, we need to start a revolution. But it needs to start within ourselves. As a mother, you are totally uncapable of supporting your daughters in their quest to be thinner, and prettier, and more beautiful, if you don’t feel that within yourself. Do you? Here’s a good place to start.

Your life is now.

Mother/Daughter Kit, Dove’s Self Esteem Fund


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2 Responses to I wanna be thin

  1. Very informative post. You know, I still have not been able to write about the THIN documentary. The preview really hit to me to the core because I have been to that place too, emotionally and mentally. Some of us have to process longer.

    You’re absolutely right in that parents really need to see this documentary. The intent was not to shock or be exploitive but to educate and show first hand experience what life is like for girls/young women with an eating disorder, and what healing entails. This film does not candy coat the issue, and is very real.

    You’ve inspired me to write about it now….

  2. Courtney says:

    This documentary is a to the point, raw look inside the lives of those highlighted in the film.

    While viewing I had to look at what was in the future for myself if my behaviors continue. It’s not glamorous, it’s not beautiful, it’s not a joke…

    The movie forced me to analyze the destruction I’m imposing on my physical and emotional self. The girls in the film are not models, actresses, or some other removed subject easily discarded with the “It won’t happen to me” attitude and takes you into real lives of eating disorder afflicted individuals.

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