Life, part 2


I am a few months into this blogging routine, and its become a part of my life. The twists and turns my topics of choice have made have surprised me and scared me. The amount of time I spend thinking about my next blog topic surprises me as well, this thing has become a part of me.

I started out with straight tech/web 2.0 stories. Had a lot of fun writing them, jazzing them up with images, and commenting via YouTube. Since I spend my daily life absorbed in these topics, it seemed logical to blog about them, but lately I have not had the desire to do so. I will post a quick list of the most interesting new sites and web2.0 projects that I have been researching within the next week or so.

So I dabbled into “beauty myth” stories after watching a scary episode of America’s Top Model (what a joke). I found modeling based stories are driving the most traffic to my blog. Interesting and irritating at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, based on my background I think I have a certain perspective (and responsibility as a mother) to set a great (bad) example others can learn from…but I am not sure I am ready to dig up that whole area of life.

Although I am intrigued that it seems that America may be finally coming to their senses to organize and promote products and media examples of positive beauty role models. Bravo for Dove. I am thinking about leading a girl scouts program with my 6 year old daughter based on their Uniquely Me program.

I am now enjoying most blogging about topics and people that inspire me, check out Pursuit of Happyness and Fearless if you need a little lift today. Since I am inspired daily by various people and situations, its hard at time finding the time to blog about them all, but so far so good.

Remember your life is now.


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2 Responses to Life, part 2

  1. jules says:

    Hallo MamaVision!
    Ran across this new and quite provocative Dove ad (it’s all over YouTube, you may have seen it)…. I foudn it in the Toronto Star:


  2. Mindea says:

    Hello MamaVision,
    I love your blog and I think you’re an inspiration. Keep up the good work!


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