The dark side…modeling at its finest.

Let’s talk about the reality of day to day modeling life, what better way to do so than to take a closer look at America’s Top Model Reality TV show. This program is so far from reality it is getting ridiculous.

Misconception #1: You will be eating bonbons.
The girls in this video clip from the show are chomping away on crackers, surrounded by jars of inticing candy, while consumed in gossip about their competitors. In the real modeling world, you’ll be lucky if you are allowed to even smell candy.


Misconception #2: You will be living in a georgous mansion
The typical model starting out in the big time (NY, Paris, Milan) are housed in a models apartment, generally with 3-4 other girls. If you really get lucky, you get to stay with your agent, who generally turns out to be a pervert that watches your every move, not to mention every bite of food you put in your mouth.

Misconception #3: The biggest challenge you will face is catfighting over a bed to sleep in.
I had to crack up when I read this episode review on the show, that highlighted the moment that “the models move into their stunning new house and drama immediately unfolds as 13 girls vie for 11 beds. ”

The reality here is that you will have a bed, but you probably won’t be able to sleep due to hunger pains and the thoughts of all the criticisms you received during the day.

Misconception #4: Personality required.
Modeling is what you look like. Plain and simple. If you have the look, and your slight imperfections can be airbrushed, you get the booking. If you attempt to open your mouth, you likely will be cut off so the casting director can concentrate on your body.

Tyra hypes her own need to “work it” as the girls prance in front of the judges. In the real modeling world, there is no prancing. You walk in, you hand them your book. You answer questions, which are rarely asked, and then you hope you get a call back. End of story.

Misconception #5: Makeup party!
In the CoverGirl Queen Collection challenge the girls raced against the clock to put together their entire look, from make-up to wardrobe, during brief elevator stops on a trip to the top of the skyscraper. Queen Latifah and makeup artist Roxanna Floyd met them at the top where they judged them on their overall presentation, naming Eugena the winner.

Let’s back up. First, no one cares how you create your own look, you are simply a manequin. In the real world, you are told to show up for castings or bookings with absolutely no makeup, not a stitch. The directors want to see your skin, analyize it for imperfections, so they can reject you if you dare to have a pimple.

Trivia!: What is the nick-name for a modeling casting call?

Cattle call. You get the picture. That’s enough fun for today. Tyra keep your reality coming, you’ve created a great sit-com.

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4 Responses to The dark side…modeling at its finest.

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  2. Camilla says:

    Hey MamaV, i know exactly what this is like, i worked as a professional model from the ages of 15 until last year when i was 18 after my therapists convinced me that it was seriously impairing my recovery from anorexia. So many young girls today aspire to this ideal of beauty and success without having any idea of what actually happens. They only see the final image, IMAGE, and shows like ANTM do not help. It’s so good to have people like you pronouncing the truth and trying to educate about the realities of high-end modelling. I am so incredibly glad that i had sense to walk away.

  3. Led Spots says:

    i just thought that queen latifah is one of the best comedians out there, she is really funny ;-:

  4. Angla Sellers says:

    Queen Latifah is a great comedian. I always watch all of her movies. ”

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