Leap of faith

When I started this blog about a month ago, I did so as a business research project. I had no idea what a powerful, scary, form of self expression a blog could be.

My first post revealed my past life in modeling. Even as I wrote those words, I debated whether or not to delete them. My past is one I have delibrately hid from friends and collegues for the past 16 years. As a business woman, to admit I had been a model was embarrassing. The word itself fueled quick judgements of my skills and abilities. I always wanted to stand on my own talents, looks aside. The fact that “it” is now out there is freeing.

The other day, I somehow ended up on Skinny Jeans site, and posted a comment to her modeling related post. Skinny Jeans was nice enough to write a post about me and send me an email privately encouraging me to keep posted on modeling related topics.

This had me in a quandry. I felt like, oh crap, what have I done? Do I want to go down this path? Isn’t this exactly what I don’t want- to draw attention because of modeling?

I sorted through those thoughts over the weekend, and came to the conclusion that I have a responsibility here. My six year old daughter is my motivation. There needs to be mothers talking publicly about the reality of modeling and Hollywood. Mothers plant the seeds in childrens heads that later in life become their own self image.

Your children are hanging on your every word. Children’s minds are like a ball of clay. You are molding it daily, and you can’t aways get it shaped back to normal.

Everytime you look in the mirror and say “Do I look fat?” they are absorbing those words.

Every dessert you push away, they are watching you and will start doing the same.

Every comment you make while chatting on the phone about how “you shouldn’t have eaten that,” they are listening.

They are copycats.

You need to have a healthy body image in order to raise a child with a healthy body image.

Your children need literally armour to head out into the world each day and combat the endless, fake, airbrushed images they are bombarded with day in and day out.

Inside beauty is an organization run by two pioneers. Magali, an ex-supermodel and Claire, a writer and former director of the American Anorexia Bulimia Association have teamed up to form http://insidebeauty.org. These women are in the forefront of American media, working to counter all the false, fairy tale images of (girls posing as) women of perfection.

They said it best in their response to the recent thinnerization of Katie Couric; “Companies are making billions of dollars by perpetuating the myth of perfection.” It’s a game ladies, all smoke and mirrors. How many times do we need to hear this before we get it?


As luck would have it, I ran out to an appointment this afternoon, only to be bombarded by the cover of People magazine sensationalizing ThinNation again….need to run, more on this topic later.


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2 Responses to Leap of faith

  1. Alison says:

    I came here the other day because of Back in Skinny Jeans — you gotta love the blogosphere! I find your posts very interesting, and I’ve already put you into my Bloglines. Glad you will continue to address the issues you raised in this post.

  2. mamavision says:

    WOnderful, thank you and nice to meet you. I’ll check out your blog as well. Back in Skinny Jeans got me motivated and we’ll see where this goes. Glad you like the posts!

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