Never skinny enough

I missed Episode 2 of America’s Top Model so I ventured online to follow up. Here is a perfect reality shot of what it is to be a model.


Ohh how glamourous! I went in to check out the requirements for the show, which adds even more excitement to this career for our girls;

1 Must be 18 or older.

Reality check: For American TV purposes only. Most girls you 30 somethings admire in Vogue and Cosmo are 15, 16, 17 years old. They are babies…airbrushed to perfection, and this is what we women strive to be.

2 Must be willing to pose naked.

Reality check: Perhaps for this show, but not required to be a model. Its this simple, strip down = ratings = $. How interesting that every girl took the bait.

3 Height requirement 5’7

Reality check: Runway models are 5’9 minimum. Sure a Kate Moss slips through every now and then, but realistically the shorter you are, the skinner you are required to be to make up for it.

4 Weight requirement ??

Reality check: None mentioned in the “rules” although they do say in they are seeking plus size models. Interesting how no plus sizers made the cut? Probably an oversight by Tyra. The girls choosen don’t weight an ounce over 110.

Moms, if your daughters are watching this show, watch it with them. Sad to say this is the reality of life, you are judged on what you look like. But don’t let your daughter believe that their looks are their “talent.” Although, Tyra’s mission statement points out she is looking to help girls self esteem, in my estimation she is doing nothing but breaking it down. Be there for your daughter to be the voice of reality.

Check out Mind on the Media.

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3 Responses to Never skinny enough

  1. tanilan says:

    Hi. I just happened across you blog and I really like what you are saying here. I was a local model, wanting to be a super model, when I was a teenager. I think part of the reason I stopped was because of the weight thing. I was 18, 5’8″ 101 lbs. I had an agent from Dallas tell me, if I promised to lose 10 more pounds, he would sign me right then and there. I told him no and got out of modeling soon after. My mother was already furious with me, because I was too skinny. She agreed with my decision whole hearted.

    I love fashion. I loved modeling. But putting my health on the line for a few bucks just wasn’t worth it.

  2. Autophytes says:

    something. (5) Autophytes title given to those who like to eat any food they

  3. mamavision says:

    What is an autophytes? Tried to google it but that didn’t give me an answer.

    Thanks for the comments tanilan. Glad to hear you chose another path in life. You sound as if you are still interested in the field, so perhaps you can find a job that is associated with modeling/fashion but without the negative side.

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