America's Top Model Show

I had the pleasure to catch the season premiere of America’s Top Model earlier this week and the show has been on my mind all week.

Supermodel Tyra Banks hosts this program that gives model wannabees their shot at the big time. The show featured a segment in which the girls had to pose nude on a circular stage, on the top of a building in a metropolitan city. As the girls each dropped their towels, and strutted up to the stage for their bit, I felt saddened by the attitudes of these young women, who thought nothing of baring it all. Of the group, only 2 had reservations, but after much prodding by the other contestants, left their morals at the curb and let it all hang out.

Since when does modeling mean you have to pose nude? I have the unfortunate history of 7 years in modeling business, between the ages of 16-21 and I can tell you first hand nudity is not a requirement. These girls have a choice, but the show left the viewer to believe they didn’t. In fact, if you didn’t strip down, you were made to feel like a total loser. Granted, the show did shoot only pictures of the girls covering their private areas, and they shot images that were meant to be natural…but c’mon. What a desparate stunt for ratings.

Where are the mothers of these girls? Are they proud to show the world what their young daughters are doing?

Next week, anorexic models. Can’t wait.

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